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About Tony Bourque's Auto School

Tony Bourque's Auto School is licensed by the State of Massachusetts. The purpose of this school is to provide the knowledge necessary to new and experienced drivers alike to be responsible, informed, aware, safe, and cautious motor vehicle operators.

Our intention during instruction is to keep the students interested, motivated, and engaged so that they will be prepared to take on this awesome responsibility with enthusiasm and confidence.

Payment Policy:

The course fee is $525.00. New laws require doubling the student driving hours. The fee pays for the classroom and driving components. Checks may be made out to Tony Bourque's Auto School. Sorry, no credit cards are accepted at this time. Students will need to purchase a one-subject notebook and a pencil to bring to each class. Free Driver's Manuals are available to students at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Required Hours:

The course currently is comprised of thirty (30) mandatory classroom hours. Driving hours are twelve (12) behind the wheel hours (with instructor) and six (6) observation hours. Students will receive State Certification upon successful completion of the program.

If a class is missed, the student will need to make arrangements to make up that particular class at no additional fee.

For any student under 18 years of age, the state Law requires students to complete a driver's education program before getting a driver's license. The student has two years from the start date to complete the entire program and receive credit. If he or she fails to do so, they forfeit the fee and are required to take the entire course over and pay the entire fee again.

Upon receiving the full payment of $525.00, a student who holds a valid Massachusetts permit may call and schedule driving hours. If your call is picked up by voice mail, please leave your name and complete telephone number and we'll return your call as soon as possible.

Student drivers will be picked up at their residence or at an agreed upon location and dropped-off in the same manner. Student drivers must have their permit with them during the instructional driving hours.

Please give at least twenty-four (24) hour notice if you must cancel a lesson.

Grading System:

Classroom work will be graded as follows:

Class Participation & Conduct 15%
Average Score on Quizzes 20%
Final Assignment 15%
Final Exam 50%

Driving Hours will be graded on a report that will be sent home for each driving hour completed, with my recommendations. I may suggest delaying some lessons if more practice time is needed. You may prefer to request additional driving time above the twelve hours at a rate of $25.00 per 45-minute lesson.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility:

Parents/Guardians are required by the state to supplement a minimum of forty (40) hours of driving with their student during the permit process. Parents must also attend a two hour informational meeting prior to the student getting their license. Please contact us to schedule this meeting time by calling us at 978-855-1531.

Driver's License Test:

If you would like Tony Bourque's Auto School to sponsor a student on their licensing day, please call our office at 978-855-1531. We will schedule the car and the Registry Road Test for you. The $70.00 payment is required before the road test date is scheduled.

Registry Fees:

Fees of $20.00 for the appointment and $50.00 for the license are due to the Registry. They may be pre-paid with a credit card by calling the RMV at 1-800-858-3926 or the fees may be paid to the RMV on the day of the licensing.


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